Flare Analysis

ComputIT is carrying out flare analysis

  • for design purposes
  • for verification purposes
  • as third party vendor controller
  • for accident investigation
  • for analysis and solving of operational problems
  • others


Flares are simulated transient or steady state and 3D by KFX®. Simulations include far field radiation from the flare, near field radiation and heat loads to the tip platform and burner equipment, analysis of pilot flames, ignition/extinction problems, and analysis of efficiency and performance of different kind of tips and burners (coanda, pipe flare etc). Flares may be simulated simultaneously with gas dispersion development, other fires on a platform, or similar.

The transient and non uniform heating of flare boom structural elements can also be simulated, including dynamic mechanical response, deformation and global collapse of structures, and also need for PFP. See Structural Fire Response Analysis

The KFX® results might also be used as input the other software for calculation of generation and propagation of noise from the flare.  ComputIT is collaborating closely with the acoustic specialists at Marine Campus AS in this respect. www.campusmarine.com

Flare design project

Examples, Pictures and Videos

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Flare radiation to derrick

Examples, Pictures and Videos

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