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ComputIT offers services in the following areas:



  • Simulation of all kind of fires; pool fires, jet fires, spray fires, fire in enclosures, in complex geometries, or in open space, in still air or in windy conditions. This includes detailed calculation of temperatures, radiation, smoke, visibility, concentrations of species, toxic gases, noise etc
  • Gas explosion simulations using KFX-Exsim
  • LNG dispersion, fires and explosions
  • Structural response to fires and explosions: dynamic collapse analysis for load carrying structures, and mechanical response to pressurized equipment exposed to fires by the KFX-USFOS system.
  • Optimization of passive fire protection (PFP) by the KFX-USFOS system
  • QRA
  • Fire temperature, radiation and smoke impact on humans
  • Evaluation of escape routes
  • Simulation and evaluation of fire mitigation and extinction by water systems; sprinklers, deluge, monitors, mist, curtains etc
  • Flare simulations; radiation, noise, detailed tip simulations, start up, ignition etc
  • Dispersion of gas; accidental gas leakages, or for instance dispersion of exhaust with respect to personnel areas and working environment, in relation to helicopter areas, dispersion of gas in landscape or cities, etc
  • Calculation of explosive cloud sizes and location of clouds
  • Gas and fire detection systems


  • Industrial combustion technology including detailed modeling and simulation of combustion in incinerators, furnaces etc. For stable operation, minimum emissions etc
  • Optimum and safe design of combustion devices by simulation with KFX®, for instance Low-NOx burners
  • Simulations with KFX® for environmental purposes, i.e. minimizing of emissions from various combustion devices and processes, ranging from low-NOx burner design to combustion in fluidized beds in large waste combustion plants


  • Ventilation/HVAC simulations and analyses. Naturally and mechanical ventilated offshore modules, various mechanical ventilation systems in buildings and plants etc
  • Turbulence analysis, especially in relation to safe helicopter operations on offshore platforms
  • Process/pipeline technology with focus on numerical simulations
  • Simulation of trace components in pipelines
  • Flow and climate analysis in relation to sea farming and food industry
  • Design of ventilation and climate systems for truck transport of chickens or other animals
  • Simulation of drying devices in food industry
  • Depressurization of process equipment
  • Turbulent flow, heat and mass transfer, applied thermodynamics and combustion in general
  • Contract research in the above mentioned fields


  • Analyses of enviromental loads (wind/water) on marine and onshore structures
  • Marine hydrodynamics analyses for improved design and operation of tidal water turbines, hulls and propulsion systems
  • Aerodynamics simulations of wind turbines for improved design and operation
  • Aerodynamis analysis and improved design of aircrafts, projectiles, parafoils, space shuttles and other vessels by CFD simulations
  • Analysis of rocket motors, including chemistry and particles
  • Sports aerodynamics, e.g. aerodynamics analyses of ski jumpers, yachts, sailboats, etc.
  • Modeling of environmental loads on vessels and marine structures for marine simulators
  • Industrial aerodynamics analysis in general

ComputIT is engaged in several kind of projects and in several project phases:

  • As consultant in development projects for manufacturers of various kind of equipment
  • In field development projects – as consultant in any stage of the development; early phase, conseptual phase, feed  phase or detail engineering phase. Either as consultant for engineering companies, or directly for oil and gas companies.
  • In maintenance and modification projects, for instance in process modifications related to life cycle changes
  • As a third party verification/controller function

In general it is our opinion that it is beneficial to include our competence as early as possible in the design or design modification processes.

Through our services customers get:

  • As good design basis as possible regarding fire safety issues, environmental issues, combustion technology design, and others. Based on physical analysis combined with simulations by advanced technology.
  • Detailed physical knowledge about the physics and performance of equipment, which has shown valuable for producers and manufacturers of equipment.
  • Realistic impression and understanding of the consequences of fire accidents, important also for decision makers that are not close to the actual problems.
  • Solutions and recommendations within our field of expertise regarding unexpected operational problems important for the daily operation of for instance oil and gas installations
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