KFX® - Application Areas

Industrial analyses performed by KFX® can typically be:

  • Simulation of all kind of fires; pool fires, jet fires, two phase spray fires, flares, fire in enclosures, in complex geometries, in open space, in still air or in windy conditions. This includes detailed calculation of temperatures, radiation, smoke, visibility, concentrations of species, toxic gases, noise etc.
  • Fire impact on structures and process equipment
  • Optimization of passive fire protection
  • Fire temperature, radiation and smoke impact on humans
  • Evaluation of escape routes
  • Simulation and evaluation of fire mitigation by water systems; sprinklers, deluge, mist, curtains
  • Flare simulations; radiation, noise (not standard KFX® version), detailed tip simulations, ignition, startup
  • Dispersion of gas
  • Calculation of explosive cloud sizes
  • Gas and fire detection systems
  • Combustion in incinerators, furnaces, engines, burners and other combustion devices
  • Reduction of emissions; CO, NOx, others
  • HVAC (ventilation simulations)
  • Turbulent flow analysis with respect to safe helicopter operation
  • Fluid flow and combustion in general
  • 3D visualization, animations, contour plot in real CAD geometry


KFX® has been continuously developed since the seventies, and KFX® is also today under continuous development through research and development project sponsored by the industry.

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