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KFX-EXSIM seminar January 19th 2016, Seoul, Korea

In the oil and gas industry, KFX is recognized as the leading industrial CFD technology for simulation of flares, gas dispersion, fire development and fire mitigation for realistic conditions in complex structures. For prediction of consequences of gas explosions in congested geometries, KFX features the well-known and extensively validated EXSIM gas explosion simulator.

Today the advanced and user-friendly KFX technology stands out as the preferred tool for finding cost-effective solutions to both fire and explosion safety problems.

We are therefore pleased to announce the first KFX-EXSIM seminar to be held in Seoul on January 19th 2016. The agenda for this one-day seminar includes (from AM 9:30, local time)

  • Introduction to KFX and ComputIT
  • Live demonstration of the KFX simulation tool
  • Introduction to explosion modeling with KFX-EXSIM
  • Live demonstration of KFX-EXSIM
  • Fire and structural response analysis using KFX and USFOS
  • KFX for assessment of accidental releases of LNG

Presentations will be given by Dr. Rune N. Kleiveland and Dr. Kjell Erik Rian from ComputIT.

Please join us if you want to learn more about our services and our KFX software technology for gas dispersion, explosion and fire safety.

For more information and registration, please contact ComputIT by e-mail
or by phone +47 73895900.



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