The Eddy Dissipation Concept (EDC) Combustion model

The EDC turbulence combustion model by Magnussen, is the combustion model used in KFX®.

The concept resides on the following assumptions:

  • In turbulent flow, the chemical reactions takes place where reactants or reactants and hot products are molecularly mixed.
  • In turbulent flow the molecular mixing takes place where dissipation of turbulent kinetic energy takes place.
  • Turbulent kinetic energy is transported from energy conataining large turbulent structures to intermittently distributed fine structures with high mixing where the kinetic energy is dissipated into heat.
  • The dissipative fine structures are intermittently distributed.
  • Only a fraction of the dissipative structures is burning, the burning fine structures
  • Due to intense mixing in the dissipative structure, they can be modeled as perfectly stirred reactors.


Due to these assumptions, the reaction rate in the fine structures perfectly stirred reactors can easily be modeled as the change in mass fraction through the fine structure reactors divided by the residence time of these reactors.  The mean reaction rates are then modeled as the reaction rates of the burning fine structures times the mass fraction of the burning fine structures.

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